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The Darwin Property Leisure Fund is an ideal investment opportunity for those seeking stable, predictable income flows combined with capital preservation and appreciation. In the case of income units, income is paid out on a regular basis. In the case of accumulation units, income allocated is transferred to capital and reflected in the value of accumulation units.

Investment Objective

The objective of the fund is to maximise total return in Sterling terms through a combination of growth and income through exposure to the UK Holiday Park market. The fund will hold and continue to acquire a portfolio of parks and will manage, and where appropriate develop, these for optimum return.


The fund is uncorrelated to other asset classes, providing strong diversification benefits and helping to spread the risk within an investment portfolio.

The fund is asset-backed, so there is low risk to capital, and although permitted, there is no gearing in the fund, reducing the capital risk further.

Unit Classes

The C Income and the C Accumulation Units have been admitted to the Official List of the The International Stock Exchange (TISE).

Unit ClassISIN CodeSedol CodeMinimum Investment
C Income Units GG00B58VGL28 B58VGL2 £100,000
C Accumulation Units


B29MQ57 £100,000
D Accumulation Units GG00B87JQM91 B87JQM9 £7,000,000
M Income Units GG00BJ360966 BJ36096 £20,000,000
M Accumulation Units GG00BJ360B83 BJ360B8 £20,000,000

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